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Co-ed VS Girls Colleges:-


The term “co-education” means the participation of students of both the sexes in the learning process. So girls and boys both are involved in the education process in co-education colleges.


Where as in girls colleges only girls are allowed in the learning process. Though co-education is common in foreign countries , it is not so in India. The co-education contributes not only to society but also to whole nation. It gives opportunity to both genders to interact with each other. It develops the sense of respect, understanding, humanity and in discrimination to each other. Many social illegal activities like rapes, domestic violence and eve teasing can be stopped. If you are choosing Delhi University or any other central university across the country, one of the main decisions especially for girls, will be the choice between co-ed institutions and girls’ colleges.


A girls’ institute lacks the social interaction that one would have to go through in the real world. The brand of  humor that one experience is vastly different in girl colleges as compared to co-ed colleges. Only in the fest season or in any event boys are allowed in girls colleges. So we can see how co-ed institutes and all girls’ institutes fare when compared closely. You will see that the colleges are not vastly different from each other, but rather your experiences will differ on account of your interactions with this crowd. No matter where you go, your college will give you plenty of reasons to love it.


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