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Realm Of Happiness

Why is it that we want each and every act of ours to culminate into happiness? It’s a fact that happiness and pleasure is what we all crave for. We chase it, dream of it, desire it and sometimes even die for it. But how often do we really get it? The brutal answer is that we find it very rarely, and in some instances never. The reason again may lie within us. We ourselves limit the realm of happiness either to materialistic pleasures or compare it with the much happier person, only to forget that the true sphere of happiness lies within us. In chasing people or things we start to become vulnerable at their mere presence and unconsciously we give them the power to ruin and possess our life in no time.

So what you failed the exam or couldn’t get through the entrance you were hoping for? We must realize that these things are not the sole reason for our existence and that life is too expensive to waste it on such worthless worries.
What if our loved ones forget our birthday? Are they the only ones who validate our existence? The answer should be a no. We should learn to love ourselves more and the most.
So what, if the gossip loving creature didn’t end up commenting on your physical appearance, dressing sense or accent? There is no need to pay any heed to such judgmental hypocrites. Life demands that we go on with our own style and that the sooner we realize our own worth; the better it is for our sense of self-esteem.
The mantra is to just keep calm with each passing day and to treat every problem as just another glitch that can be corrected. It only makes sense to leave all sorts of ignorance, illusions and hatred behind and to move beyond materialistic pleasure or people’s love. And then, only then will one find the true realm of happiness.

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  1. Akhileshwari kanwar says:

    Nicely written and inspiring.

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