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The widening gender gap in the University

The diversity in the gender gap at universities is continually changing. Education must not discriminate against genders in terms of social unawareness. The   equal contribution of both the sexes is needed in the development of every aspect of a society. Specially in India the gender discrimination issue starts with the birth of the child. We have seen that whenever girls are provided platforms they have given their best have reached at the top posts of their sector. At university level it is expected that both girls and boys co-operate with each other to give the best of their skills. That’s why the widening gender gap at universities is being one of the drawbacks of our educational system. For this one   basic thing is to promote girls education since their birth up to the college level. People will have to change their mentality that a higher educated girl can be a headache for their families. They should also promote a girl if she gets admission in a top university or college in a farer city. By this way the widening gender gap in our universities can be reduced.


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    good ….
    but it can be more elaborated…..

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