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Things that happen only during exam time


So the most dreaded exam season is back! Amidst the tensions and the anxiety surrounding the exams, below is a list of things that every one of you has tried at least once. Read it and smile for you really need it.

Things that happens only during the exam time

Nikita Yadav

Each year before the holidays, students find themselves staring down the barrel of the most dreaded exam week. Below are a few funny things which most of us experience during the exam period.
Day long sleep:
During the exam time, feeling sleepy more than the usual amount is quite common. It seems like the Goddess of sleep herself showers her blessings on students during the exam time.
But have you ever noticed that the day your exam is finished, you don’t feel sleepy at all! Not a single drop of sleep in your eyes. Doesn’t it seem unfair?
It’s time for group study:
Group study is like an unattainable dream; you want it to happen but again it’s physically impossible! What really happens in a group study is that it starts with lots of determination and passion but after about an hour of excruciating pain, it almost always ends in hours of gossip and bullshit talking!
Let’s engage in some interesting work – 50 shades of staring at walls:
Studying before an exam helps us in honing our inborn talent of gazing into blank walls for hours at a go!
The age old barter system with God:
No matter how old we get, we can never let go of this habit. Just before every exam it’s a must to bribe God and make the golden combination of wish and promise – ” Bas is baar ho jayein, agli baar pakka starting se padhunga”.
Change of interest:
Suddenly we realize that we have no soul interest in the subject we are studying and our taste of interest lies somewhere totally different! Let’s face it, “grass is always greener on the other side!”

My dear friends, exams are just an example of God’s cruel sense of humor. They’ll come and go, and all we have to do is take a deep breath and survive, for life is too beautiful to stress over exams!

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