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About Us

What started as an Information portal, today proudly stands as a youth collective, driven to enhance the student life experience. From combating exploitation in the campus in the form of hefty brokerage on accommodation and every other aspect of existence, today we just don’t help students save money but we help them earn it. Over the years we have advanced into key social initiatives in the campus area. We are here to strengthen the student community and intend to serve as the ground for promoting young talent and entering a dialogue.

The main focus for any students is to acquire a pg which provides a homely stay in the Heart of India. And we aim to help from the first level i.e pg/flats/rooms for people new to Delhi, with offering some cash-back. Further making our members avail discounts at various place: coaching institutes, florist, medical shops, eating joints, and much more.

We as students were exploited and have decided to do something to help the others. So we are putting together all that we know about the campus, did some serious research, did a few jugaads, made use of our few contacts. And well the result is in front of you…a one stop solution to all your problems Du-Jugaad.

Our company is trying to establish something unique and a win-win situation for employers and students. We make sure that kid far away from home have a pleasant and safe stay in the capital city of India. From the smallest dhaba to nearest coaching, we aim to reach out to everyone who provides what the students ask for. We are providing information and rebates to our Du-Jugaad members.

Team Du-Jugaad consist of the man-power who are from the University of Delhi, have been related to this university or is residing in Delhi. We aim to establish a long-term relationship with service providers and students/people of Delhi. Through our on-line and off-line service we aim to be an integral part of D.U for being a world-class University at all levels.