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Pankaj Kumar

Content Writer & Marketing

2nd year student of SRCC B.Com (H), basically I am from the city of Nawabs i.e. Lucknow. It was my dream to get into SRCC and now I can say that I achieved one of my dreams. I stay in SRCC Boys hostel and it is a really very good experience, in my opinion Delhi is a place where there are a plethora of opportunities for someone who wants to do something good in his life.
I was among those lucky students of my college who in their 1st year got the opportunity to do winter internship in Aditya Birla Company and in my 2nd year again I did internship in HealthQ International a franchise of a Dubai based international company specialized in research work, along with that I also worked as an associate in a network marketing company for a year.
I love to play basketball, reading books, listening music, I like enjoying with my friends, in all you can say that I am a happy go lucky kind of a boy. According to me one should enjoy the life and do whatever he/she wants but never forget the main goal of life that is your dreams your carrier. According to me the rule of my life is DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Thank You
Pankaj Kumar