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8 things that happen only in girl’s hostel

8 Things that only happens in a girl’s hostel.

Savi sachdeva

Away from the comforts of home, a hostel can be one of the most grueling yet incredible experience one can ever go through. Being in a girl’s hostel, I’ve been introduced into this world of sisterhood and friendship, which without a doubt will last a lifetime. However, the million dollar question remains, what exactly happens inside a girl’s hostel? The impression created by movies, that a girl’s hostel is all about pink clothes, pillow-fights and gossip is so very wrong. It is an experience to cherish, shared and to be lived. Following are just some of the many things that happen inside a girl’s hostel.

1. Maggie to the rescue– The only thing that saves us from the not-so-eatable mess food is Maggie .Actually, it’s more like live savior. Thank God for Maggie!

2. Self-pampering-Girls in hostel know how to spoil and cuddle oneself. Be it gorging on the delicious street-foods or buying oneself the cheapest dress, we are kind of masters in the art of self Pampering. More, the merrier.

3. Major selfie taking sessions– Be it a single or a groupie, selfie taking sessions is a all time favorite activity of girls in hostel. A day without selfie is a day wasted.

4. Running to each other’s rooms for clothes-It like, a girl can keep shopping her whole life but she’ll still have nothing to wear. Arranging dresses and accessories at the last moment is a no big deal in girl’s hostel. It’s like an open market for women apparels.

5. Planning and execution of birthday surprises-If you have never been in a girl’s hostel, you have actually not experienced the best kind of a birthday. Late night birthday bash and surprises makes living in a hostel worth it.

6. Major relationship advices-“Take a chill pill yar! He is a dog, he doesn’t deserve you.”Complaining about boys and abusing them for breaking hearts is the best topic for gossiping in a girl’s hostel. Major consolation and advice sessions are a part of the daily routine.

7. Making the room prettier – No doubt, girls have unlimited supply of creativity. The walls of a girl’s hostel are adorned with pictures, handmade card, quotes, posters and the like.

8. Exercise plans which do not last more than a week– Girls in a hostel can vouch for the fact that they have at least made one attempt at exercise but failed miserably. Mornings are to sleep, exercise is for the weak!

Now that the secrets are in the open, from the non-appetizing mess foods to cat fights to the late night gossip sessions, we can conclude that hostel life is the best life one can hope for. Everybody should be a part of this amazing experience for when one grows old and rides the nostalgic trips, hostel life is the part that will be missed the most.

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