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On 24th of August 2015(Monday), 20-year old Jasleen Kaur,a student of St.Stephen’ s College ,University of Delhi ,posted a picture of one Sarvjeet Singh on social media. Kaur alleged that he had verbally abused her and threatened her with consequences if she went to the police .
But 24 hours later, the alleged abuser’s mother, Sarabjit Singh , insists that Jasleen Kaur’ s post on social media was merely a publicity stunt.
At first, if we look at the condition of our girls in the society we shall be in favour of Jasleen. As the social media chatter was vociferously in favour of Jasleen Kaur, that is,until her picture with the Delhi Chief Minister was found and her work experience at NDTV became the topic of discussion .Though many of the people were in her favour on social media yet it seemed to some of the people that Jasleen was a fake girl who was desperate for publicity and wanted to defame that boy .
Talking about the E-media ,for media ,to declare guilty ,even before a court of law has ,on the basis of one sides testimony is dangerous .Perhaps it had happened to every other girl in Delhi ,and perhaps everyone wanted to voice it someday, somehow .But at the cost of fake publicity a person’s self respect should also not be hurt.

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