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Life of a student in DU hostel

  1. “You should experience it atleast once”. This is what is always said to each one of us when asked about the hostel life. So here I bring you the 5 things that you always experience during hostel life….especially when it is a DU hostel:-
    Awesome environment:- When it comes to a hostel accommodation in DU, the first thing that you experience is its awesome environment. The amazing lawns accompanied with a mess AND sports complex constitutes the environment of a DU hostel. Got to say that you do feel lucky to get a seat in the DU hostel.
    Great buddies :- It all begins as a stranger. In a DU hostel, you meet people from almost every part of country and very soon you almost develop a bond so strong that it becomes a lifelong friendship.
    Election fever:- As soon as you get accustomed to the new academic year in a DU hostel, you catch up with the wave of elections which are also termed as the life of DU college. Very soon almost the entire college building gets divided into different groups as per the contesting candidate’s supporters. This experience is something that I recommend everyone to experience atleast once in their life.
    The illegal residents:- This one is a bit interesting. Though it sounds a bit odd but its true that you will find a number of non hostellers residing in a DU hostel illegally, this sets up a new level of crowd inside the DU hostel .This is a fact which is hardly noticed and mostly ignored by the authorities.
    The mess of the MESS:- Mess food in the DU hostel is something that you do enjoy in the beginning but after a while you do become bored of it. This is something that could be experienced by each one of you who all are residing in the DU hostel and I can bet that. However I can sum up that the level of mess food in the du hostel is much better than the oily hotel food.

Thus to sum up it can be concluded that DU’s hostel life is an experience of a lifetime, it will leave you with a number of sweet memories that you are never gonna forge.So I do advise you to DO EXPERIENCE IT ATLEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!

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