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Why join DU Jugaad?

Ever wanted to do more than just attend college? Ever wanted to be a part of an organization which provides you an opportunity to gain experience in the field that interests you?
Then Du Jugaad has something for you.
5 Reasons for joining Du Jugaad :
– Opportunities :
Do you have good writing skills? Can you influence people? Can you engage in deals? Then come and join Du Jugaad because Du Jugaad provides you an opportunity to gain experience in five different fields: Content writing, Web designing, Marketing, HR and Campus Ambassador.
– Virtual Internship :
Du Jugaad helps you to make the best use of technology. Being a virtual internship, there is no time constraint. You just need to give an hour per day and that too by sitting at the comforts of your home. The marketing interns however have to be a little more active and mobile.
Seems exciting? Wait, Du Jugaad has some more benefits for you.
– Discount Coupons :
As soon as you become a member of Du Jugaad, you get exciting benefits like discount coupons of different restaurants– Bistro, Mini Shop, subway, 34 chowringee lane and many more; free movies or series of your choice delivered at your doorstep, and the likes.
– Certification and Cards :
Yes, Du Jugaad certifies you for your efforts and you also get your own Visiting card and Membership card.
– Full Freedom :
Last but not the least, Du Jugaad provides full freedom to its interns to come up with new ideas, plans, initiatives etc. It successfully provides an atmosphere that is both mutually challenging and rewarding.
So, what are you waiting for? Come and join Du Jugaad.

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