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Why join DU Jugaad?

Ever wanted to do more than just attend college? Ever wanted to be a part of an organization which provides you an opportunity to gain experience in the field that interests you? Then Du Jugaad has something for you. 5 Reasons for joining Du Jugaad : – Opportunities : Do…

Chal yaar, chill maar!

“Oh Damn, I’m running late!”= Stress! “Budget is running low!”= Stress! “Assignments are pending!”= More stress!! “Oh God, why is there so much oil on this plate?”= Even more stress!!! Why do we worry so much? We worry about anything and everything, from missing a metro train to failing at…

8 things that happen only in girl’s hostel

8 Things that only happens in a girl’s hostel. Savi sachdeva Away from the comforts of home, a hostel can be one of the most grueling yet incredible experience one can ever go through. Being in a girl’s hostel, I’ve been introduced into this world of sisterhood and friendship, which…

10 Women Centric Movies

10 WOMEN CENTRIC MOVIES OF BOLLYWOOD: a ray of hope against the surging sexism in bollywood. Priyambada Bhagawati “There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature”- Henry Miller. Women are the ultimate mystery and the…


Realm Of Happiness

Why is it that we want each and every act of ours to culminate into happiness? It’s a fact that happiness and pleasure is what we all crave for. We chase it, dream of it, desire it and sometimes even die for it. But how often do we really get…

A thought even a possibility can shatter and transform us”

At times, when you realize that you are all alone; everyone has moved on but there you are clutching on to that piece of life, you hope that everything comes back to you as it was, you start weeping for the time which has gone by. Sobbing for every fleeting…


New Girl in The City

Its been a year almost that freshers are about to complete their one year here. Every girl who comes over to Delhi leaving her home behind can relate to this. This is what Savii Sachdeva feels while she was writing this poem ” Every girl coming to Delhi leaving her…

SOL School of Open Learning DU Examination Notice

  1. Exam_Instructions (new)* 2. Notice_06-April-2015 Examination Notice (NEW)   “SOL Connect” is an initiative by some students of School of Open Learning, University of Delhi and will be able to help/guide fellow students in their own capacity, in no way “SOL Connect” is officially related to School of Open Learning, University of Delhi….


Rent ur Style !!!

Jugaad to become Glamorous and Famous!!! Rent one and get one free for your friend with a bonus of free jewellery!!! Also the range starts from 199. Visit: www.renturstyle.com Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/renturstyle To Rent Out, Call – 9654964862 / 8377880735


First water can (20ltr.) free

J.N.K ENTERPRISE Purified WATER-CANS, and branded water-cans also available Contact RAHUL: +91-9999673995, +91-9953182885 1st can free FOR OUR MEMBERS ONLY

I don’t need DSLR

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SRCC with this Point of View !!! if you can CLICK much Better than THIS !! Do we hear some shoot!!! With a camera Well we will help you promote, click pictures you feel tells a story. The entries will be shown on our page and…

Jawed Habibs

Contact: +(91)-11-47098774, +(91)-9899996699 40-UB, 1stFloor, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Delhi- 110007 Discount Offer: 40% Discount on bill (minimum 100INR) only valid for members of du-jugaad club. To avail the discount fill our membership form.

Become Jugaadu

Be a part of our prestigious club dujugaad for an amount of Rs.50 and get great discounts on exciting nd amazing offers. Habibs 40% , Himalaya cosmetics 10%, 34 chawrangi lane 10% – 15% and 20% and many  more Outlets where you can avail special discounts..! Nd That’s not all  Guess what.!! The…

exchange your novel !!!

Chetan Bhagat’s novels made  reading novels make it to our daily habit. We offer novels on rent and Exchange Free.  This offer is valid for our members.      

Free ki movie

Tired of downloading or borrowing movies/ series from your friends and family, we are here to help. Just let us know the movie/ series you are looking for, we will try our best to procure and bring it @ your door-steps. Become a member of our du-jugaad club and get…

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